Alliance Development

B2B Strategic Planning and Execution

Meet leaders from within your industry or others that can help fuel your business. Generate sponsorships, barter arrangements, and win-win success stories with our proven strategies for businesses — both large and small.

Business Forums

Raise the level of conversation about your business or event by hosting events or attending key activities with area business people. Discover synergies that you never knew existed by working with McNeilly Communications to draft a winning game plan.

Customized Media Events and Familiarization Tour

No cookie cutter approach or template here. We meet, listen, discuss and then propose a plan to meet your specific needs and budget. Then we execute on the plan and exceed your expectations, and we are widely recognized for being lean budget-minded while delivering just the right event. Client satisfaction is our most important metric.

Issue Management

We are experts in Issue Communications, known for developing effective strategies, and we offer a 24/7 response team so you can communicate effectively and honestly with all stakeholders including investors, customers and media should a crisis occur.

Our methodical processes have helped sincere people restore their good name and enhance their image, but discretion and confidentially prevent us from telling you who.

Think about bad news and how it can impact you or your business. We meet with you and your counsel, evaluate the situation and help you determine the best course of action to resolve issues so they do not linger.

Media Center Operations

From nationally televised events to grand openings, we create a cost-effective, “big feel” place for the media to stage, congregate and create the content that will grow awareness of your event or business.

Media Training

Our Media Training Workshops help your organization’s leaders connect with the media in powerful and meaningful ways.

Whether talking to a local reporter about your business, speaking at a civic meeting or handling a high stress situation, we teach you how to present yourself and your business in the most honest and genuine manner as credibility is key!

We’ve done extensive media training with star athletes and public facing employees ranging from senior corporate executives to nationally recognized ESPN talent showcased on SportsCenter, NBA, Motorsports (NASCAR, Indy 500 and NHRA Drag Racing), Major League Baseball, Major College Football and Basketball, World Series of Poker and ESPN Outdoors.

News and Feature Packaging

We have radio, television, and online talent ready to arrange interviews and feed packaged sound bites, feature stories, news releases and other content – as part of the strategic communications plan for your business.

Public Relations

We have a proven track record of success and client satisfaction. We exceed expectations with media training, news releases, feature writing and placement, public relations pitches to media members and outlets, message creation and media interview preparation, photo shoots, blogger features, and major publications. We’ll help you build web traffic, awareness and “buzz” all designed to grow your business.

Strategic Communications

Consulting and Analysis

Our success begins and ends with you. We meet to review your vision, mission, and objectives. With your input, we will create a customized communications strategy that will help you grow your business. And just in case you don’t yet have a formal approach, we’ll help you develop and execute on one.

McNeilly Communications has served as a consultant to dozens of Fortune 500 brands and contributed to highly successful management efforts ranging from NCAA Men’s Division One Basketball Tournaments and PGA Tour event media operations, attraction grand openings, satellite media tours, content production and placement.

Traditional and Social Media Optimization

An early student, adopter and practitioner of Social or New Media, we show you how to connect all the dots and optimize your time and effort in the “earned media” space.

Learn how to:

RECOGNIZE that “Earned” Media is NOT a paid advertisement.

EMBRACE Earned” Media as third-party endorsements from journalists; or Social Media “friends’” reactions to your business on emerging media platforms.

UTILIZE Earned” Media for Strategic Communication With Consumers and Stakeholders.

Website and SEO Optimization

McNeilly Communications offers website design, hosting, maintainence, email, SEO optimization and more. Talk to us about how we can make your vision a reality.

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