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Strategic Communications

This is where we bring your story to market. Industry and consumer publicity, as
well as important new and social media influencers, are a vital intersection where your brand must be firmly planted. The fact is you might not have previously been able to engage or focus in this vital area. That’s what we do. When done properly, strategic communications are designed to have you and your partners singing from the same song sheet. Watch as we help you conduct your business like a symphony and create the buzz necessary for growth.

Alliance Development

Few, if any of our businesses grow alone. We propose and guide your expedition
to mine opportunities based on our vast experience and network of global
business leaders. Right before your eyes, we package the best you have to offer
and show you how to work with like-minded businesses that want to grow with
you. You will accelerate to your business with sponsorships and win-win
scenarios that bring financial value.

Alliances and partnerships are forged between two or more parties, with agreed
upon goals where critical business needs of all are met. We help drive
sustainable relationships to help you grow your business. We are talking
practical advice and a customized approach to success. We have a vast network
and will find a wide array of opportunities based on your vision and objectives.

Media and Presentation Training

Our Media Training Workshops help your organization’s leaders connect with the stakeholders and media in powerful and meaningful ways. Whether talking to a local reporter about your business, speaking at a civic meeting, or handling a
high stress reputation management situation, we teach you how to present yourself and your business in the most honest and genuine manner possible. Credibility is key! We’ve done extensive media training with star athletes and
public facing employees ranging from senior corporate executives to nationally
recognized broadcast talent.

Public Relations

We have a proven track record of success and client satisfaction. We exceed expectations with content creation, news releases, feature writing and placement, public relations pitches to media members and outlets, message creation, media interview preparation, photo shoots, video content captures, influencer features, and major publications. We’ll help you build web traffic, awareness, and “buzz” designed to create relevancy and make your brand stand out from the competition.

Reputation Management

Every business has a bump in the road from time to time. It’s up to you whether
it is quickly and appropriately addressed or spirals to become a business-killer. With our team at your side and a phone call away, we help you mitigate issues
and, most importantly, get in front of potential internal and external pitfalls so you are never playing from behind.

Should a crisis occur, our Issue Communications experts work with your legal
team to develop effective strategies, allowing you to communicate effectively and honestly with all stakeholders including investors, customers, employees and media. Our methodical processes have helped brands and their sincere leadership restore their good name and enhance their image. Of course, we can help you prevent these matters from arising in the first place with an invitation to the table as a strategic communications consultant – to advise your staff on best practices.

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